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We are now Metaphor Projects
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Julian Jackson and Rene LynchOver 80 exhibitions that presented the work of hundreds of artists and a decade developing community built the social sculpture called Metaphor. Thank you to all who have appreciated and supported us, and most critically the brilliant artists who have lent their work to our vision.

Gallery directors and founders Julian Jackson and Rene Lynch, both artists themselves, will continue to curate on a project basis and continue to be available for art consulting and lectures. News and updates can be viewed on this website along with the archives of 10 years of innovative exhibitions.

"You both deserve a standing ovation for the amazing work that you’ve done at Metaphor. You’ve helped so many artists and curators such as myself to connect. It was always a pleasure working with you and I valued your eyes and wisdom."
— Jennifer McGregor, Director and Senior Curator Wave Hill

"You two are the best of the art world...serious terrific artists, without being crazed egomaniacs...while managing to contribute so much to the community with your gallery. Count me as one of your fans! Metaphor will be greatly missed!"
— Bill Carroll, artist, former gallery director of Elizabeth Harris Gallery

"Working with Metaphor has been a standard for me of what working with a gallery could be, and should be like. You have both been so wonderful, not just to work with, but such a high caliber of shows, consistently, and always the best professionalism in every way. As you know, I have shown at many other galleries, and Metaphor has constantly hit the highest mark! I truly mean that, and I'm sure everyone tells you this, but it is a remarkable record. I will miss Metaphor, it will be always a golden memory of what is possible, with intelligence, sensitivity, great taste and great heart!"
— Janet Pihlblad, artist

"You gave so much to the art community over the past decade.”
— Lesley Heller, Lesley Heller Workspace Gallery

"We cannot imagine our neighborhood without the steady rhythm of attending the exciting openings at your beautiful gallery."
— Gabriele Evertz, artist & Andrew Wojtas, collector

"I am saddened that the gallery, as a physical entity, is closing.  It is a beautiful space and, more importantly, you've consistently shown beautiful work and added to the cultural dialogue."
— Lindsay Walt, artist

"10 years of terrific and thoughtful exhibitions. Thank you both for all the support you have given to the artists and to the artistic community."
— Nola Zirin, artist and Harry Steinberg, collector

"You two have been such an anchor, and an inspiration."
— Tricia Wright, artist

"We want you to know how much we continue to love and enjoy all the pieces we bought from your gallery."
— Paul D. Siegfried, collector

"It's sad for artists and our community because your vision is really more aligned with us.....which makes you unique in the art world."
— Elena Sisto, artist

"Your special locus has made it's mark… in a special way... and the community it has spawned, and nurtured is inescapable and a real contribution. We love you guys, what you've done, and who you are!!"
— Julie Gross, artist